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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Facebook Timeline Cover Dont hurt me

Facebook Timeline Cover False Promise

Facebook Timeline Cover Cry in the rain

Facebook Timeline Cover Memories

Facebook Timeline Cover Still waiting

Facebook Timeline Cover Speechless love

Facebook Timeline Cover Apples

Facebook Timeline Cover Distance love

Facebook Timeline Cover Miss you

Facebook Timeline Cover Simple Blue

Facebook Timeline Cover Aurora

Facebook Timeline Cover Windows Welcome

Facebook Timeline Cover Galaxy X

Facebook Timeline Cover Leopard X

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Facebook Timeline Cover Tagalog quotes 2

Facebook Timeline Cover Tagalog quotes

Facebook Timeline Cover pink view kissing

Facebook Timeline Cover kissing emo

Facebook Timeline Cover Sad words

Facebook Timeline Cover Aquarium

Facebook Timeline Cover Basketball

Facebook Timeline Cover I miss you

Facebook Timeline Cover Pizza

Facebook Timeline Cover Sunset

Facebook Timeline Cover F1 Formula

Facebook Timeline Cover miss you

Facebook Timeline Cover Flower

Facebook Timeline Cover Fingers

Facebook Timeline Cover Elisha Cuthbert

Facebook Timeline Cover Dragonfly

Facebook Timeline Cover Fairytail Guild

Facebook Timeline Cover Car

Facebook Timeline Cover Instagram

Facebook Timeline Cover Gaara and Saske

Facebook Timeline Cover Saske

Facebook Timeline Cover Kyubi

Facebook Timeline Cover Beach

Facebook Timeline Cover Fairytail

Cover for Facebook Timeline

Friday, April 27, 2012

Facebook Tetris Battle application guides

One of the Application games in Facebook Timeline is Tetris battle, this is a game that able to play with different kinds of play like 2players, 4players and many more. by playing Tetris in Facebook able you to invite your friends as one of your enemy. by playing Facebook Tetris, you can invite your friends who is also playing Tetris battle and you can also help them by giving them some items that useful in games like in Farmville Zynga.

How to play Tetris?
This the game which you can put the puzzle keys to form horizontally or vertically line. you need to put a keys into the line to make you score. by playing this, you need a strategy to make this game fun and eliminator the opponent. unlike tetris in Gameboy nintendo, Facebook Tetris able you to win multiple times and able to gain more KO's. the more KO's the better. also their is bomb in the game once you point in that bomb you can add some block into your opponent game board.

Have Cheat in this Game?
Yes, but when you do some cheat in this game you are not enjoying the game. instead your just playing like a cheater.

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Facebook Timeline Messenger for Mobile Phones

Like Yahoo Messenger you can also leave a message through Facebook, you can make a message and send to anyone like what we did into Yahoo messenger.

Messenger for Facebook Timeline descriptions 
- it is a faster way to send message into your friends.
- it is also the fastest way to send message using mobile Phones.
- by using messenger in Facebook you can send message to all your friends anywhere in the world.

- Messenger is available to all
- i phones
- Blackberry

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Facebook Timeline for androids

Facebook Timeline is also available for Androids and mobile phones, it is a good news for all Facebook Timeline user around the world for having this application. share and stay connected with your friends family and love one anytime and anywhere.

Facebook for androids helps you to stay connected to anyone, keep up with friends and share photo up to date.

Also try Facebook Timeline in your Mobile Phones easy to connect and awesome views.

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Facebook Timeline for Mobile Phones updates

Facebook Timeline is scattered anywhere and a big news is you can use Facebook into your mobile phones and androids. it is a better way to used Facebook Timeline/plus, by putting Facebook Timeline in Phone you can experience and you can always online anytime and anywhere.

Idea's having Facebook in your Mobile phones and Androids
by using handy Facebook into your phone you can easily updates your status anytime and anywhere, you don't need to open your PC or your laptop to connect to Facebook application. having handy Facebook is much better and more convenience used.

How to get Facebook in your Mobile Phone
It is easy you just need to type " http://facebook.com/mobile " or simply type "fb.com in your mobile browser as easy as that, before you put Facebook in your Mobile phone you need to follow instruction and follow manual guides for more good and hassle free.

Also Facebook Timeline had more fun and experience with Facebook Timeline Plus and beware about the rumors in how to remove/discard/disable Facebook Timeline Plus.

Facebook Timeline Plus Readers manual

Facebook new Timeline layout, this is an online diary or scrapbook able to put all memories happen into your life.  Timeline in Facebook is new application and another book to express and tell to the world your life story. making your Facebook Timeline is one great way to express your feelings and to share what your heart and brain tells.

How to make friends into Facebook?
Just add friend by clicking "add friend" by adding friends, you can also add your friend friends and colleagues. its fun and good way to explore new friends.

Facebook Cover
Add your Profiles a cover that symbolized your personality by putting a cover into your profile. you can just upload in your computer or you can also upload in the internet what you cover you want. also read how to put your cover into your Facebook Timeline profiles by reading some tutorials.

Disable/delete/discard Timeline profile is fake news
Many website in the internet asking and giving some advice how to discard/delete/remove Timeline in Facebook but the sad news it is fake, Remove Timeline is not yet implemented by the makers but instead of removing timeline in Facebook you can hide it.

Facebook Timeline Plus the new look
The advance look for Facebook able you to see who among your friend or people in the web viewing your profiles. by putting Facebook Timeline Plus into your Facebook is a good way to enhance browsing ideas. you can explore the New Face of Facebook Timeline plus by reading some instructions and user guide for Facebook Timeline.

Facebook Timeline Cover downloads

This is an Example of Facebook Timeline Cover that able to put into your Facebook Timeline Cover wall in your profiles, as you can see i crop the picture from manga series "Fairytail" and make it my cover into my Facebook Timeline. many ways to make a good Facebook Cover

You can edit your picture by using Adobe Photoshop and put some of the effects and words.
You can also edit cartoon wallpapers, your own picture and what photo you want.
 upload photo in the internet, many website give time to make or to upload photo you want to put into your     Facebook Timeline Cover.
You can just upload Photo in your computer.

Create and customize your own Facebook Timeline cover for awesome look.

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Facebook Timeline Cover profiles

You can put your Facebook Cover into your Facebook profiles and make your profile banner. by adding your Facebook Cover into your profiles, you can enhance the look of your Timeline from good to awesome it is easy to put your Facebook Cover. just simple hit the "add cover" into your profile. if you are new and not popular into Facebook Timeline, here is the Steps on how to put your Facebook Timeline Cover into your profiles.

Step 1.
Click the button "Profiles" the button which is indicated your Facebook name or your name.

Step 2.
then, you can now add your Facebook cover by clicking put cover or "change cover" when you have already one. 

You can put anything Cover into your Facebook Timeline Cover in your computer or upload in the internet.
it is easy to hands on the Facebook Timeline/Plus all you have to do is must read Manual guides in Facebook Timeline if you are not familiar. and also once you are implement your New Facebook Timeline/Plus Application into your account you can not undo it again or return your Profiles back, beware of ideas and internet trending how to disable/delete/discard Facebook Timeline Application.

Fake news for disable/discard/delete Facebook Timeline Application

Many Facebook user today want to bring back their old Facebook profile because they are not contented into Facebook Timeline/ Facebook Timeline Plus. and then, many user in the internet give an idea on how to disable Facebook Timeline Application and Facebook Timeline Plus. According to "a guru" it is easily to remove Facebook Timeline but not really get off the Timeline in Facebook but in can hide it rather. it is easy way to disable it than to permanently banned by an administration.

Facebook Timeline Plus is designed to make and enjoy the application, by using Timeline Facebook you can easily look for friends who is recently viewing your profile Photo's or your profiles. if you are aware to view and to experience exciting look you can read Facebook Timeline User Manual and guides for further instruction. its a new look and better idea on how to gain friends through online and have a good profiles by checking the new look of Facebook Timeline Plus.

By using Facebook Timeline for your Social networking site, you can put your Timeline Cover for good and awesome view of your profiles. you can put your favorite photo in your Facebook Cover and make it good and lovely for your friends and Visitors.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Facebook Timeline Plus the new look

Facebook Timeline Plus a new look and awesome application with a good manual guide and a better Facebook experience. by choosing Facebook Timeline Plus as your networking sites you may enjoy all application and its good to know that all the application in Timeline is good and easy to hands on. Facebook Timeline Plus the new face. by running the application of Timeline Plus in Facebook you can experience the fun.

Timeline Plus is a new generation of Facebook Timeline, This Timeline Plus is more innovated comparing Facebook Timeline. this is a good way to enhance your Facebook Timeline Cover and profiles. also by using Facebook Timeline You can see among your friends who is recently viewing your Facebook Timeline Plus Profile.

But after releasing Facebook Timeline many messages and scam messages going to announce about Facebook Timeline Removal or Facebook Timeline Plus Discard or Remove that promises to dis able the Timeline Plus or a Facebook Timeline Profile of one users.

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Facebook Timeline User manual guides

Its one of the great news and good look for the networking sites, here comes the Facebook Timeline the easy way to communicate to your families, friends, love ones and anyone where ever in the world.  Facebook Timeline its a good way to communicate and enjoy all the application such as

Easy Chat 
You can Chat to anyone by clicking the "Chat Box" in the lower right of your Facebook Timeline profile. by using this, you can enjoy and make chat to anyone where ever he/she is in the world and also you can also used the new application "Video Call" and make a call and see the one you chatting like Yahoo messenger, Skype and others.

People you may know
you can easily add a friend and add to your friend list, an easy way to collect all the friends you know and you can also invite the friends of your friends.

Games and Applications
Facebook Timeline is also good into games and make fun by playing all the featured games of Facebook like Farmville, Fishville, Tetris and many more. by playing a game, you can make your friend as one of your enemy like tetris and also help you to earn more points and gift like Farmville.

A Photo Banner
Facebook Timeline banner make your photo post as your profile banner, Timeline is all about new application indicated and one of this exciting look is this one. "A Photo Cover into Facebook Timeline PLUS ".

Try all exciting look of Facebook Timeline.

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